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May 2009

An Update on Indrit Puteci - An Albanian Entrepreneur!

On the 4th October, 2007 we posted an article about a young Albanian entrepreneur called Indrit. Indrit was the Mayor’s Chief of the Cabinet and Director of International Relations and Tourism when Jim Cowan and Ken O’Neill first met him. We had assessed Indrit’s potential and wanted to help with his development.

After a few months, Indrit was given the opportunity to manage a commercial and shopping centre, with about 70 shops, businesses and leisure outlets that was being built in Durres by a successful property developer. His challenge was to turn this development into the leading shopping centre in the city.

This challenge was all the greater because this was the first such commercial / shopping development in Albania and it was key to the proposed development of the city of Durres – and it was due to come online in only a matter of months in December, 2007.

A quick word about Durres….

The Development of the Historic City of Durres.

Durres is Albania’s major port and, therefore, its development is commercially strategic and important to the future of all Albanians. Although the city’s development has retained the ancient style and the Italian architecture, it has incorporated many of the characteristics of a modern city.

This is a recent view of the famous and historic city of Durres.

Indrit Puteci
This new role demanded that Indrit prepare a business plan for the centre but, in particular, that he develop and implement a letting strategy, marketing strategy and recruitment plan (- including recruitment of key managers and all personnel), ensuring that the most productive organisational culture was delivered (- including a strong team-working ethos throughout the centre).

Back to Indrit….

Indrit’s Personal Development Plan.

So, to prepare Indrit for this daunting task, a personal development plan was produced that took him to Ireland, under the guidance of his mentor (Professor Ken O’Neill), to view other shopping centres, to meet key experts and learn about leadership in this sector.

Indrit came, executed his plan with flying colours and he returned to Albania to fully utilise all he had learned by establishing a small highly effective management team to manage the day-to-day business of the Flagship Centre, setting up a management board (- which includes the owner) to provide strategic direction & commercial oversight, and a consultancy committee comprising the clients representatives.

In addition, from his days spent in Ireland, Indrit has many people willing to help and advise him with day-to-day issues – such as, legal and marketing advisers - and as he encounters unique problems.

Indrit’s Progress

In mid-March, 2009 Jim Cowan, Chairman of Value the Person International, visited the Flagship Center to meet Indrit and assess his progress for himself. It was evident that all the management structures implemented by Indrit were working very well and the Center was a great commercial success – despite the economic downturn that has hit Albania as much as any other country.

The Flagship Center looks superb! See for yourself below…

Indrit Puteci

It is a credit to Indrit and his team that, not only is the Center functioning exceptionally well, but all retail units are occupied and experiencing incredible commercial success.
Indrit Puteci
And the good news is that Indrit is not resting on his laurels. Since its opening, the Flagship Center has developed a regular clientele who are now awaiting future developments of a leisure centre and a supermarket - which are well underway!!

Most rewarding…

The three most rewarding aspects of the day spent with Indrit were:
  • the initial assessment of Indrit’s natural talents, especially his leadership potential, has proven correct and he thoroughly enjoys this role and is performing excellently,
  • Indrit and his family (Eva and two children) are still very happy and enjoying life to the full, and
  • Indrit gave Jim and Ken a present of some delicious local red wine from Skenderbeu to show his gratitiude!
Our best wises to Indrit and the Flagship Center management team for their continued success. We look forward to keeping in touch with Indrit and learning of his future achievements.

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