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1 April 2008

Star-studded Ceremony Marks Local Albanian Boy Making Good!

The culmination of a year’s work by Value the Person Training and Development Company was celebrated in Albania last week.

Albania’s most modern shopping centre was opened on 26th March in Durres - Albania’s second city and main port - by the Mayor in a glamorous and star-studded ceremony. As befits such a prestigious occasion, senior politicians, TV stars and famous musicians combined to offer a memorable occasion.

One of the chief speakers at the ceremony was Professor Ken O’Neill, Chairman of Value the Person’s training arm. In his speech to the esteemed audience, Ken outlined the company’s story of their involvement with Indrit Puteci, a young Albanian entrepreneur, so far.

The story began when Jim Cowan, Chairman of Value the Person, met Indrit when he was advisor to the Mayor of Durres. It was obvious from the identification of Indrit’s talents that he had a great deal of potential which would not necessarily be developed in his current role. So, when Mr Puteci was offered the challenge of managing the development of a shopping centre project [- there are only 4 or so shopping centres in Albania to date] by an Albanian developer, Jim agreed to help Indrit undertake the kind of management development which would assist him undertake such a momentous task.

“Without knowing that I had the support of Value the Person, I would have never have taken on such a challenge”, he claimed.

After putting together a Personal Development Plan for Indrit, Value the Person under the guidance of Professor O’Neill, made connections with top class developers, centre managers and marketeers across Ireland and Great Britain in order to deliver Indrit’s development plan. Paul Ferguson, who designed the centre voted the world’s best in 2006, was amongst the network of world class support developed to help Indrit.

From a starting point of no knowledge of the sector, Indrit was able to move to a position of what one experienced commentator described as, “a man who has developed a world class facility in less than twelve months!”

The Flagship Centre, as Indrit’s shopping centre is called, will be the ‘jewel the country’s economic the crown’ of Durres and, indeed, Albania’s drive to accelerate the development of its tourism industry, which is seen as a critical driver to the economic development of Albania.