Case Study

Tirana, Albania

The Problem

In the nineties, Albania had several setbacks on the road to establishing a market economy and revising its political systems. Edi Rama, the Mayor of Tirana and leader of the Socialist Party of Albania, was and still is a key player in this transition. For his leadership of the capital city, Edi was voted City Mayor of the World 2005.

VtP Charity has worked for many years in Albania, running leadership training, identifying and mentoring young entrepreneurs and assisting helping business start-ups. After several years the VtP Charity chairman was approached by the Mayor’s Cabinet Secretary to help the city's municipality become a more efficient and effective organisation by helping them to move to a VtP culture and by developing key leaders.

The Approach

Following a series of surveys and sessions with General Directors and Directors within Tirana Municipality to identify the current organisation culture, the motivation levels of employees and the prevalent leadership styles, a change management programme[1] was developed in partnership with the Mayor and the main directors.

The aims of this programme were to:

(a) develop a “Value the Person” organisation culture[2] [3] where people were valued and their contribution maximised, and:
(b) create an efficient and effective organisation[4] which maximised the benefits to the people of Tirana.

In addition a series of leadership events were held for directors on a monthly basis[5]. Some mentoring[6] was also instigated to accelerate the development of key personnel such as the HR Director and to prepare young directors for more senior roles in the future[7].

The Outcome

The Tirana Municipality is recognised as having undergone incredible change under the leadership of Edi Rama and is looked upon by the people of Albania as an example of what can be achieved, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, in their country under good leadership. The change in culture has been exceptional but is still ongoing. Progress may be slower than would normally be anticipated in some areas because (a) political barriers still exit and (b) some directors find it easier to change their management styles than others and hence some directorates were slower than others to implement culture change.

[1] Change Management
[2] Employee Engagement and Motivation
[3] Business Transformation
[4] Business & Management Development
[5] Talent Development
[6] Mentoring and Coaching
[7] Succession Planning

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