Case Study


The Problem

A large, very professional European environmental consultancy had originated in East Germany. It had 14 offices throughout the country as well as in other parts of the world and had developed a very good, and deserved reputation for its professionalism and breadth of knowledge.

As competition developed with the growth in the environmental market, the Joint MDs realised that they would have to significantly improve their commercial management of the business and their motivational management of their people, if they were to continue to grow and develop their successful business.

The Approach

When VtP was invited to help the Joint MDs, over a period of many months and in a low-key fashion, a VtP principal worked with key people to identify how best to address the issue of poor commercial management and the need to enhance employee motivation and productivity.

A programme was produced to:

Improve communications[1] throughout the business (from top to bottom),
Develop senior and middle managers[2] to both better manage the business and the performance of their people,
Undertake mentoring[3] programmes for key, young managers
Create a team ethos[4] in the company, and
Develop a “self-development”[5] culture company-wide.

The progress and commercial benefits of this programme was monitored by the Joint MDs at regular meetings.

The Outcome

The company has significantly enhanced its bottom line performance and created a business that can compete with the most successful environmental consultancies throughout the world.

[1] Change Management
[2] Business and Management Development, including Team Development
[3] Mentoring and Coaching
[4] Business and Management Development, including Team Development
[5] Talent Development

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