Case Study


The Problem

A very successful environmental consultancy business had its HO in the UK, with subsidiary companies in Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong and the UAE. Because the large multi-national parent company needed to focus on its core business, it decided to sell this business to one of its previous senior managers. Although the company had been allowed to run down to a few environmental contracts, albeit very profitable contracts, in the Middle East, its new owner and MD – an entrepreneur with substantial experience of working in the UAE – decided to re-structure the business and substantially grow it to take advantage of a rapidly developing environmental market in the Middle East.

The political leaders in the Middle East had become increasingly aware of the need to improve their environmental regulation not only to protect their environment by limiting industrial pollution but to compete with global competition. If the new MD was to develop and deliver his vision for the business, he needed a plan and a competent team to assist him.

The Approach

The new MD asked VtP to assist him to develop his “small”, new business into the world-wide consultancy that he envisaged, using the Emirates as its base. After establishing a written vision for the business[1], the initial step was to establish a small senior management team to deliver this vision.

This three-person team[2] comprised a commercial manager, with world-wide commercial experience, and a senior operations manager, with a proven track record in delivering the full range of environmental contracts - plus the MD. To compensate for the team’s lack of breadth of environmental consultancy skills, a JV was entered into with a very prominent European consultancy. The senior partner with the JV company played a full and active part in developing a detailed business plan[3], and attended all meetings both in the UK and the Middle East.

With a VtP principal consultant chairing the Board and leading senior management team meetings, a Board and management structure were successfully put in place at off-site sessions with all senior managers and the JV partner actively contributing and signing up to the outcomes. Business systems and procedures where developed to allow the SMT and Board to monitor progress and take any appropriate actions to keep the company on course to achieve its organisational objectives[4].

The Outcome

Based on its early achievements with contracts in the Emirates, the company has expanded into the UK and Ireland, developing its relationships with the JV partner with great commercial success.

[1] Mentoring and Coaching
[2] Business and Management Development, including Team Development
[3] Small Business Development
[4] Business Transformation