Client Testimonial


There are numerous divisions, departments, pilot plants and site support operations within Chemolite, and in those where 'Value of the Person' has been implemented and the employees sense there is sincerity, it has been very effective. In some cases, productivity is up substantially and in other areas, such as quality and service, we are at record levels."

"The sturdy foundation that has been laid, coupled with the high‑quality Little Rock employees, make it possible for our plant to be a living 'Value of the Person' model." Attendees at a recent "Value of the Person" session held in St. Paul were enthusiastic as they left: "I've been to a lot of seminars in my 24 years at 3M, but this one is really different."

Alderson believes the biggest challenge facing 3M is a tendency to be complacent. "3M is viewed by other companies as being good - a cut above the rest," said Alderson. "The challenge is to overcome the mentality that we're so good, we don't have to strive to be better. Eastern Airlines used to have that attitude, and they didn't survive the 1980s. I will say, however, that 3M is head and shoulders above most other companies in its ability to creatively involve workers in implementing the 'Value of the Person' concept."

He continues: "My dream and vision is that the people who have introduced 'Value of the Person' into their 3M operations will become a model within 3M. That eventually will make 3M a model for 'Value of the Person', Q90s and double‑digit productivity, so other corporations will come to 3M and ask, 'What are you doing? Because that's what we want.' "

(An extract taken from STEMWINDER a newspaper for twin cities area 3M employees Volume 5/Number 7).