Client Testimonial


"Without a doubt, the greatest reward in valuing the other person as highly as yourself is that the more highly you value and thus enhance the life of another person, the more highly you come to esteem yourself. If you see the world as filled with jerks, you will soon be a jerk in the mirror. If you see the world as filled with ordinary human beings most of whom are doing the best they can, you will see an ordinary human being in the mirror, who is doing the best they can. And if you see the world as filled with potential saints, the image in your mirror may turn out to be more than you would have suspected!!

You have probably caught on by now, but by following the Value of the Person, as a leader you are respected and that one word will make you a success in the business world and at home. To use Value of the Person is a vision of things to come, a prediction of what can be, what will be if we take Value of the Person and practice it. Each of us, as a leader, should not look to our own interests, but to the interest of others. If we do that success within an organization will flourish.

So far, those that think Value of the Person is a weak, sentimental approach, please reach deep down in your soul and admit that Value of the Person is tough, but fair and most of all the right thing to do. I encourage you to tap into the Value of the Person Seminar. It is the missing link you are looking for to make the workplace and home all that they can be.

It is not another program ... It is a Way of Life."

Wayne Thompson
Plant Manager
CertainTeed Corporation