Client Testimonial


"After a long period of frustration, the young man who I had asked to 'turn things around' came to me with a request to bring in an outside organization for help. That organization was Wayne Alderson's 'Value of the Person' team. Included as part of that group was a speaker by the name of Tony Campolo, who frankly blew our minds with his insights. The outcome of our relationship with Wayne [Alderson] was incredible! He not only "turned things around", but he gave the Division management a new model that we used to further modify our operating practices.

Our success was dazzling custorner relations were world class; employee relations ranked first in the entire Company; profits soared; and we were ranked best in the industry by The Automotive News! Best of all, we came together as a loving, caring group of people who become known throughout the Detroit metropolitan area for their good works and charitable activities.

The first time I heard Wayne Alderson explain the precepts of his program and how he had come to develop them, I knew this was a man of quality. I never regretted bringing in his "outside people" into our Ford culture you won't ever regret doing the same for your organization!"

Joe Kordick
Former VP, Ford Motor Company