Client Testimonial

Owens Corning

"The entire management team has made a commitment to change with a commitment to the approach because it is the right thing to do ... over 800 employees in Science & Technology will experience the seminar. And, it truly is an experience. An experience, I believe, that will be mandatory for any organization to achieve its full potential or to even compete as we move toward the 21st Century.

The Value of the Person approach is making a dramatic and positive difference in our organization. People are excited and enthusiastic because it is real and it is right. Now, each of our staff meetings and quarterly Science & Technology leaders' meetings start with a discussion on safety and then a discussion about our people, because we care.

I can give my unequivocal support to the Value of the Person approach. It is working at Owens-Corning."

Dr. S. L. Mikesell
Vice President
Science & Technology