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Indrit Puteci

Indrit Puteci, Country Director, Value the Person International (Albania)

Indrit is a business manager with many years experience of international business. With his track record as a very successful CEO of a prestigious Albanian business, Indrit also has considerable experience of effectively contributing to the work of the government of Durres and successfully managing European Union Programs in Albania (- such as, INTERACT, INTERREG III, EcobusinessPlan-Vienna, etc.)

In addition, because he's an experienced and successful project manager, he has guided many prestigious projects to profitable conclusion (e.g. building construction project, water supply project and humanitarian programs.) His personal business interests are wide ranging and include organization development to assist companies to maximize the contribution of employees, utilizing new technology to improve business results, implementing accountancy practices to enhance business performance, urban planning, EU accession and the impact of national economic policies on business performance.