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Gavin Cargill

Gavin Cargill, Co-founder and Director, Value the Person International

Research 'Pittsburgh and Kigali' into the human heart, mind and spirit has resulted in the innovation of 'The Bucket, the Pearl & the Starfish which Gavin calls 'serious fun'. The intention is a very serious effort to enhance the quality of a persons life and attain 'best' results. The results will be even better if its implementation is fun!

The Value the Person claim is that we have discovered BIGGEST small idea on the World!

Working alongside a number of a number of large organisations including the Goodrich Corporation, the Lagan Group, RBS, NHS and North Lanarkshire Leisure, Gavin is involved with diverse charities including The Thalidomide Trust (UK) and IKIREZI Natural Products, Rwanda.

Recent developments include two 'animations' 2013 (1) - 64 seconds: and (2) - 47 seconds:

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Value the Person was invited to be part of an innovative project based in Mexico called 'Awesomepreneurs' founded by Rachel Kay Albers: