Value the Person Assessments

Value the Person™ Assessments provides priority psychometric testing services to individuals, teams and organisations around the world, modified to their specific needs and requirements. We specialise in measuring personality, motivation and capability.

1. Individual Assessment Services

Conventional wisdom says that success is a simple matter of “being who you want to be”. According to the experts [- see ‘The Personality Code’ by Dr Travis Bradberry, G P Putnam’s Sons, 2007], this well-intended advice couldn’t be further from the truth. By the time we reach adulthood, “who we are” is already determined by fixed traits that change less than one per cent in a lifetime.

With the vast majority of what we do and say controlled by personality, self-awareness stands alone as the key indicator to our success. The secret of building self-awareness lies in deciphering your personality code, that is, the fixed set of traits that explain your choices and behaviour.

Knowing your personality will help you to fully engage your innate talents, maximise your strengths, avoid the pitfalls of your particular personality type, work smarter with others, and profit from better relationships in every aspect of your life and career. We also assess individual motivation and personal capability – that is, individual innate capabilities, such as, intellectual capabilities.

2. Team Assessment Services

In a similar way to individual success, one of the keys to creating a high performance team lies in the team leader, and all the team members, understanding the individual and combined strengths of the team and their shortcomings, avoiding mistakes they seem to make consistently as a team, and building effective relationships with each other.

Because research has shown us that motivation is another key to effectiveness in the team, it is imperative that the team measures their motivational levels but, also, understands what they can do to enhance their overall motivation and productivity.

Consequently, Value the Person™ Assessments assesses all aspects of the team’s strengths, shortcomings and motivation.

3. Organisational Assessment Services

Finally, as most of us would have predicted, all the research in recent years has shown us that motivation, leadership and organisation culture are the keys to achieving organisational success.

For this reason, Value the Person™ Assessments measures these aspects of high performance on an organisational basis.

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