Four Principles

The journey towards Value the Person as a reality in a business, an organisation, a community, a family
or an individual life always starts with change.

Our aim is to provide a compass to help others change, grow and be engaged at work to achieve
personal fulfilment. [ ‘To be engaged’ means to be focused in channeling all your available efforts and
talents into what you’re doing.]

The four points of this compass are contained in the following principles through which individuals,
organisations and communities can achieve fulfilment.

“Four key principles underpinning all we do...”
  1. Everyone is unique and we are fulfilled when we maximise the use of our talents.
  2. Everyone is capable of being a leader since leadership is about influencing people positively and we are all capable of this.
  3. Great leaders ‘engage’ people because they realise engaged people are the most effective.
  4. We are born with talent but our character is a question of choice. Since sustained success is a question of character and talent, we need to develop character as well as our talent to be successful.

Principle 1 - Uniqueness

Principle 1 - Uniqueness

Each of our brains has developed differently and, therefore, we are only really happy when we are doing the things for which we were programmed. This principle states that, if we are to realise our potential, experience personal success and maximise our contribution to what we do, we must identify what our unique talents are. In order to maximise the contribution of a person in an organisation, leaders high end swiss replica watches must seek to match people to roles for which they are suited.

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Leadership is Influence

Principle 2 - Leadership is Influence

This principle states that everyone can be a leader because leadership is about influencing people positively. Although we may never be the next Martin Luther King, we can all learn how to influence the people within our given circle of colleagues, friends and family because “leadership is not a position occupied but an influence exercised.”

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Principle 3 - Engagement

Research tells us that, because they are operating in an environment where they are experiencing being valued, engaged people give their best and operate at maximum effectiveness levels. Productivity, customer satisfaction, profit, employee morale, safety and quality outputs are all directly linked to ‘engagement’. As great leaders and managers intuitively know, this principle states that it’s engaged people that make the difference between good performance and great performance.

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Principle 4 - Character

Success is not just about releasing talent, great leadership, and engaged people. It is also about making the right choices. Individuals who make a difference have character, that is, act with integrity and, even in the most difficult times, do the right thing, have a positive attitude and exercise self-discipline.

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