Value the Person™ International Organisational Psychology and Management Consultancy

Value the Person™ International was formed in Europe in 1999, by Jim Cowan (England) and Gavin Cargill (Scotland), and is a global organisational psychology and management consultancy.

The consultancy has a dream to see every person in your organisation, community or family adopting the Value the Person™ ethos and experiencing a different kind of culture which allows us all to ‘experience being valued’ ... because it’s only through being valued that we can give our best, by becoming engaged* and positively influencing others, by ‘giving them the experience of being valued’, too.

* to be engaged means to be focused in channeling all your available efforts and talents into what you’re doing.

This mission requires a set of tools and approaches to identify individual talent, develop leaders, maximise individual and team performance, and develop organisations’ capabilities. To help us achieve this mission, we have had access to exciting evidence from a number of highly credible sources across the world.

What do we do?

Our main purpose is to assist individuals to identify their uniqueness [– that is, their natural talents and what makes them different], usually employing psychometric techniques, and to help them express this ‘uniqueness’, so they can begin the process of experiencing being valued and maximise their contribution to all that they do.

Of course, this can be done in a multitude of contexts – ‘personal’, ‘workplace’, ‘family’ and ‘community’. However, our main aim is to assist individuals in their ‘workplace’ context, so that Value the Person™ can have the maximum organisational impact.         

To maximise our impact in organisations, we need to create a different kind of workplace culture by offering help to our clients in the following specific areas:

  • Assessing individual strengths and shortcomings, so employees are able to identify their uniqueness, and recommend how they can maximise their contribution in meeting the objectives of their role, their team and their organisation.  We believe that this is the platform on which individuals can begin the process of ‘experiencing being valued’
  • Undertaking a review/health check of your organisation, department or management team to (i) recommend the most appropriate organisation structure, systems and roles to maximise performance, (ii) produce supporting organisation charts, job descriptions/person specifications and system descriptions & protocols, and (iii) produce an implementation plan to successfully introduce the agreed recommendations and developmental actions necessary to create a high performance management team, department or organisation.
  • Measuring team and organisational motivation levels, identifying the de–motivating factors and recommending simple actions to enhance success at these different levels.
  • Selecting the most talented and ‘best fit’ new recruits, using psychometric assessment techniques, and producing objectives and onboarding plans to accelerate their integration into the role, the team and the organisation.

To find out more about the Value the Person International, contact Value the Person Co-founder and Chairman, Jim Cowan at