Value the Person™ Management Training & Development Consultancy

At Value the Person™ ‘Management Training and Development’ Consultancy we provide leadership and management development programmes to help organisations, teams and individuals attain amazing results through the application of simple but, nonetheless, effective techniques, giving each person the experience of being valued.

Independent research confirms that how much people experience being valued at work is directly linked to their productivity, their organisation’s profitability, customer loyalty, staff turnover, team morale, safety ... and much, much more.

Value the Person™ is built on a history of delivering double–digit increases in productivity and profits, and greatly improved quality outcomes, as well as creating high performance organisations and teams.

Typically, we offer help to our clients in the following specific areas:

  • Accurate assessment of individual strengths and shortcomings, so employees are able to identify their ‘uniqueness’ and recommend how they can maximise their contribution in meeting the objectives of their role, their team and their organisation.
  • We believe that this is not only the platform on which individuals can begin the process of ‘experiencing being valued’ but, also, is the basis for us producing an individual development plan, comprising simple, free or inexpensive development actions.
  • Client–focused and individually designed workshops to assist leaders, senior managers and/or senior managerial teams, to address the ‘organisational issues’ that they are currently facing by (i) identifying the specific problems & issues and (ii) developing an action plan to address each of the specific organisational issues.
  • Individually tailored mentoring and coaching programmes, which ‘play to the strengths’ of the individual, to (i) enhance their practical ‘leadership & management skills’, and (ii) address the ‘organisational issues’ that they are currently facing.
  • Client–focused, structured development programmes to help organisations, teams and individuals to enhance their ‘skills and knowledge’ in the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Senior Management
    • Motivation
    • Team Working
    • Performance Management
    • Effective Communications
    • Objective Setting
To find out more about the Value the Person™ ‘Management Training and Development’ Consultancy, contact Value the Person™ Co–founder and Chairman Jim Cowan, at