Value the Person™ International’s Products & Services

A list of the products & services currently offered:

  • Organisation and team reviews
    • – identification of issues/problems and action plan to address the issues and create a high performance team and organisation.

  • ‘Talent–fit’ and ‘organisation–fit’ recruitment and onboarding
    • – utilising psychometric assessment tools and in depth interviews to find the ‘ideal’ leader/senior manager and achieve successful, speedy integration to their role and the organisation.

  • Team and organisational motivation
    • – accurately measuring team and organisational motivation levels, to identify the de–motivating factors and recommending simple actions to address these factors and enhance the success for the team or organisation.

  • Business / organisation growth and development
    • – undertaking a review or ‘health check’ of the organisation’s people and practices to identify its strengths and shortcomings, before making recommendations to create a high performance organisation; an implementation plan to deliver the agreed recommendations is produced together with the necessary system descriptions and protocols.

  • Management workshops
    • – undertaking short workshops designed to identify and address organisational and/or management team issues, and produce an action plan for the organisation/team to follow.

  • Mentoring & Coaching
    • – after utilising psychometric assessment tools and in depth interviews, subsequently agreeing the specific objectives of the mentoring or coaching and producing one–to–one programmes to achieve these objectives.

  • Change management
    • – employing a structured approach to ensure that any significant organisational changes are implemented smoothly and successfully in order to achieve the intended benefits and, most importantly, to proactively engage managers and employees in the process.

  • Succession planning
    • – employing job analysis and a person specification questionnaire approach to identify the attributes that are critical to success, psychometric assessment tools and in depth interviews are subsequently used to assess the candidates against these attributes and to produce a ‘development programme’.
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